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 meez To allow you to teach  this kind of material, you need to know how to choose the material according to its development. The reasons for the development in the selection of teaching materials is as follows.
1. Material field of study that should be selected and adapted to the needs. How to select them done carefully and using certain criteria.
2. Materials subject areas which are not relevant to the needs to be replaced with new ones. This replacement is done on the basis of the development of science and technology. Materials subject areas that are fundamental and latest.
2. Materials growing field of study that must be learned through various communication media. Media heard, the media view and the media motion needs to be expanded. The learning process is not limited to the classroom, but also outside the classroom, even outside of school.
3. Materials growing field of study that is learned through a variety of approaches, both approaches and methods penyanmpaian lesson learning media uses.
How to teach or convey materials iu bermacan field of study - according to its kind. In general, many teachers who do not know the type of materials fields of study, but judging from the nature, substance field of study that uses teaching methods based on the objectives to be achieved. Rarely teacher determines the method of teaching based on the types of materials subject areas. For that there are several ways in conveying materials subject areas, include the following.